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Teaching by Didi

Teaching has played a central role in Didi's life over the last ten years.  She has taught hundreds of people, from age 5 to 95, from a wide spectrum of cultures.  She enjoys teaching because it allows her share her knowledge in a low-stress, unhurried environment.  She likes to learn from her students - their family origins and what they eat and why.  She specializes in vegetable-focused eating.  She treats vegetables as a springboard for creativity and exploration. Also, learning correct knife skills is essential to her classes.  She knows that knife techniques is a gateway to culinary confidence, and it is something that will last the rest of their lives.   Her goal is that all her students learn multiple ways veggies can entire their diet on a daily basis.  Didi also seeks to understand roadblocks in her students' diets.  She teaches students how to examine their own food prejudices, check out TBK classes in the next drop down. 

Didi is comfortable teaching a group of adults or a basic skills class for eight year olds.  Below is a sampling of institutions she has worked with.  

  • Project Bread, Boston
  • Bunker Hill Community College (Adjunct Professor teaching Ethnic Foods to final year culinary students)
  • Boston Public Schools
  • Mission Hill School and Mission Hill Summer Program
  • Codman Academy, Dorchester
  • Boston Day and Evening, Roxbury
  • South End Community Center
  • Brookline, Cambridge, and Boston Adult Ed,
  • Dover Adult Educational Center
  • Project Hope (as part of their GED celebration)
  • The Food Project, Roxbury
  • Crossroads in the Common, Codman Square


To contact Didi about teaching a class, please go to