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Haley House Bakery Café

I am the founding chef of Haley House Bakery Café, a nonprofit café and catering operation which opened in September 2005 in Dudley Square, Roxbury.  The cafe offers healthy affordable baked goods, breakfast and lunch for the Dudley community, as well as catering for Boston area businesses while providing training for those in transition.

In the words of the Café's website, "infused with the rich diversity of the area, Haley House Bakery Café does more than fill the neighborhood with the aroma of healthy, delicious food. It breathes life into Dudley Square by providing a place where all are truly welcome. The Bakery is also a workplace for men and women that face significant barriers to employment. Visitors can feel good about eating flavorful locally sourced food while supporting their community and enjoying the work of local artists."

More about the Café: