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One of my Better Meals

on Mon, 01/02/2012 - 21:16

December 30, 2011.  Some meals are better than others at Eva's.  I mean, none are terrible, to make bad food at Eva's would be a huge challenge since her raw ingredients are stunning.  The Chez Panisse approach to cooking at Eva's is always the best.  Source your ingredients then get out of the way and let them work their magic. But I did better than average the other night.  The entree was a soup - and I did nothing special but it was above the cut.   I started with onions and not much garlic and evoo.  Added just dug potatoes, free of dirt of course, a small macomber turnip chopped up, Then water -not much.  I took a smaller amount of sunchokes, cleaned em, sliced em and added em to the soup until tender.  Salt, pepper, touch of rosemary, buzzed it, very thick.  Added a shot of heavy cream.  Then there was the first course - a cold eggplant winter squash tartar and turnip slaw on her brilliant greens.  Compote:  took a supermarket eggplant and fired it on low flame for 30 minutes, rotating until soft and charred.  Cool. Peel.  In processor, 2 clove garlic, eggplant, roasted butternut squash (2 cups) add 1/2 c. olive oil slowly like a mayo, adding lemon juice, s/p and rosemary.  This is so good. Slaw:  I took a macomber turnip and using a peeler I generated a cup or so of peels.  Added similar amount carrot peels.  Then a schnog of olive oil, lavender vinegar (see blog entry below), scallion or shallot, lemon, and a little pickle juice. Served all this on lightly dressed claytonia, chervil, ruby streaks, arugula.  Amen.